Visit the Yarra Valley Wine County

Since I moved to Melbourne, one thing on my 'list of things to do' while living in Melbourne was to go on a wine tasting  tour of the famous Yarra Valley wine country. I finally did and here is the break down of where we went. The Tour I booked a tour with Autopia Tours …

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Golden Globes 2018

This year the Golden Globe's red carpet took center stage not just for the fashion as it does every year, but it was taken over by a cause the #metoo movement raised the voices of many women not only in Hollywood but in any industry. It was a night that made me proud to be …

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Why visit the Aarvark Wallace and Gromit Exhibit at ACMI

I find myself to have been fortunate enough to grow up watching "Wallace and Gromit and friends". Therefore, when I saw that an entire exhibition was showing at the Academy of Arts Center in Federation Square I knew I had to stop by. The best part is its been extended until January 29,2018. The exhibit had …

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A quick stop in Evendale, Tasmania

This weekend getaway was in part of celebrating my husbands lovely pop named Les, on his 80th birthday. We headed down to Saint Helen's, a beautiful quaint town by the bay. It was one of those sleep small town, where it felt so welcoming. The place I am writing about is off the beaten track …

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