A quick stop in Evendale, Tasmania

This weekend getaway was in part of celebrating my husbands lovely pop named Les, on his 80th birthday. We headed down to Saint Helen’s, a beautiful quaint town by the bay. It was one of those sleep small town, where it felt so welcoming.

The place I am writing about is off the beaten track and called Evendale Village. It is a village where we decided to stop at and have lunch on our way to the airport. We accidentally took the longer road that is off the beaten track, and to simply put it was a place where animals went to die. I don’t think I have ever seeing so much road kill in my life. Wallabies, kangaroos and a wombat. All were in different stages of decay. But, I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled up to Evendale Village, I suggest making sure you don’t take the dirt road.

apparently this is the place that host the Annual Penny Farthing Championships. Check out the official Evandale Village website. The race will be on Saturday February 24, 2018. It just has such a 1900’s feel to it. Like I hasn’t been touched by time. I loved all the old sandstone buildings.


The is the General Store




The Local Pub



The local Bakery

This the place we stop at to eat lunch and it had such a pretty garden, and the inside felt like it was a past government building. It had these really high ceilings and a chimney.


My husband and I weren’t that hungry so we decided to share the lunch platter, which consisted of cold meats, hard boiled egg, pickled onions, a selection of cheeses and some of the most delectable bread! It’s the kind of bread you just want to have every day of your life.


The Penny Farthing

This another example of the city’s character. There are old fashion images of the Penny Farthing that can be found throughout the village. There is even a monument of one in the center of the village.



If you find yourself travelling through Tasmania and you end up at the Launceston Airport, give yourself some time to to grab some lunch at the local bakery in Evendale Village.

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