Living life in a different Country and Work and Holiday Visa

IMG_4111It’s been more than a year since I pack away my belongings into a 5×11 storage and looked forward towards adventure. I wasn’t ready to go straight into my career and I wanted to experience life outside my comfort zone. 

I have made a life for myself in Melbourne, Australia a place that 20’s something me would have never even thought of. 

I did everything while in college to prepare myself for my career after school. I worked for the University’s newspaper and even juggled two part-time jobs and internships to get what I have always dreamt of, a job as a fashion writer. Alas, Months went by after graduation, and many resume’s were sent out with no response. So, I started to look towards a different kind of life. 

It all changed when I turned 30-years-old. My best friend a travel writer was working for an online travel website, she called me asking if I wanted to go on a trip to Australia she could no longer go due to other responsibilities at work. I said yes of course, but because it was last minute changes I couldn’t go. She instead had me attend a G’day USA black tie Gala, which was hosted by Australia tourism. I was in a room with all Aussie big name actors, where even the food was cooked by Curtis Stone and all wine, mind you open bar, was from Australia. I had a blast, and this night i heard about a little thing called a Work and Holiday Visa

For the next couple of weeks all I could think about was Australia. I visited the Australia website continuously and started doing a lot of research. 

The months following I started saving everything I could possibly put away and even started working more shifts. I had a goal and even though I was consistently told I was crazy or told I had balls, which I don’t because I can assure you I have a vagina. I started preparing my life for the big move. 

I saved about $4,000 and bought a one way ticket to Australia. I choose Melbourne because of the list of “Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World” by Business Insider and also I heard it was really well know for its fashion. 

I second thought myself many times over, but I knew deep in my gut that this was the right move for me now. I was 30-years-old and the visa is only for 18-30 year-old, so it literally was a now or never move for me. Plus, there aren’t many other countries that offer this kind of  visa for Americans. I said goodbye to everything and everyone I knew and got on that plane, with no clue on what my life would be like during that year. 

Within the year of my stay I went through some very dark moment of my life, nothing like trying to take my own life, but I learnt how to deal with being alone, and really taking care myself. This was my first real experience of life without school, I went to school for six and a half years. I met so many other people from England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France etc. I love the different culture aspect. Most of these people are in their early 20’s and I only wished I was that brave at their age to get out and see the world. Granted I am doing it now, but man I wished I had my butt in gear.

I am so proud to see young females in their 20’s going out there on their own and taking this challenge. It’s very empowering. I only hope to see more American females out here. I have probably only have met a handful throughout my stay.

I have stayed here longer on a student visa, if your wondering how I extended my visa. I have very much enjoyed my time here. Granted I am not working as a journalist, but I am hoping that with this blog I will be changing that soon.

I still miss home, I miss my friends, and my dog Bruce. I have done something a lot of people only dreamt of doing but never had the guts to do. So, for any of you looking for a drastic change and a bit of adventure check out the work and holiday visa, but know that once you leave everything you know behind you, you may never be the same person again. This kind of move you have to be completely committed to.

2 thoughts on “Living life in a different Country and Work and Holiday Visa

  1. anonymouslondonlee

    Love this, I have decided to make this move to Melbourne Australia as well, even though people think I am crazy as well. I really want to live there permanently. Hope you enjoy your experience. Loved reading your story!!!!!! xxxx

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