Bruny Island Cheese Co.


On Sunday I headed down to Bruny Island and while there I stopped by the Bruny Island Cheese Co. I remember having one of their cheese on Christmas, my boyfriends parents brought some of the One Day Old Cheese (ODO). Ever since that day I wanted to check out the cheese factory when I headed down to Hobart and made our way down to the island.


The day was cold and it was raining off and on, when we finally got to the place I was surprised on how small it was. I guess when someone says cheese factory I think huge building and everything being mass produced. To a delightful surprise, the building looked like a small shake in the woods, and it has a small viewing area so people could see the cheese being made. It had a front porch where people could sit down and enjoy some cheese and beverages.


The cheese tasting area is very small, but it’s cozy. The cheese expert of the employee is glad to answer your questions and provides samples. To the left of her some of the cheese is visible in the aging room. 439


I was able to enjoy a sample platter of cheese, and found a small table next to the fire place. We also bought some of the prosciutto wrapped cheese.The great thing about places like this is that it reminds you how great small business are. They take time and take care of the product,so you get quality cheese.

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