Australia’s Samantha Wills Jewelry 

Samantha Wills has made herself a household name with her fashionable  jewelry line not only in Australia, but in 80 countries around the world. She got her big break at the young age of 21, now the 35 year-old jewelry designer has a successful business with an annual intake of an estimate of 10 million. So, what makes her so likable?

She has been able to mix jewelry and lifestyle with the use of her 223k followers on Instagram, where she is consistently posting of the glamour events she is attending to her busy itinerary, which has her flying between Australia and the United States.  She now lives in New York City, but has offices around the world.  She shows that she likes to play hard, but she also works hard in order to have such a successful business.

According to an interview she did with The Sydney Morning Herald Ms. Wills success has been a hard slog and she wants the many young women who worship her to know just how difficult it’s been.

She started off as a small town girl making her jewelry after working retail during the day. Her advice on success according to the SMH. 

“Narrow down what you want to be good at, then focus on that. It might not work for the first six months or the first 18 months but it took me 12 years to become an overnight success,” Ms. Wills said.

Her jewelry consist of statement pieces some made from natural stones while other are man-made. Her collection is colorful and exotic with a main emphasis on the boho style. Each piece is delivered in a hand carved box. It would be nice if you can choose if you want the box or not when buying online because I have three of them and they are just stacking up in my bedroom.

I really like her story and I like her product, I want to make sure the word gets out that people need to keep supporting the small businesses. You will never know if they will become the next tycoon.

You can find her items at  or local retailers such as Mocha.

The picture of Samantha Wills is courtesy of 22 MGMT.

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