H and M in CBD Melbourne Sale

I headed into the CBD today on my day off, it is also day I head into the city for school. On my way there I saw a peaceful protest of students wanting no more cut backs. I took some pictures, as soon as I saw it I wanted to start interviewing students, I guess that journalist in me hasn’t left yet. Anyhow!.. I went into H&M to check out some beanies for my trip to Tasmania. I am still amazed on how busy that store is every single time I go in and it’s so massive, yet I still love going there.

Immediately saw all of the sale signs, most of them were ranging from $3-$10. Some were last season bathing suits and sandals. If your heading some where warm for a vacation this would be a place to go pick up something new.

They already had a lot of winter stock in the store, from: scarfs, beanies, winter jackets. Some of the stuff I still recognized from last season as well.

Still, I left with a new 100% wool beanie for $10, sock for $5, and ear warmer for $8. I think I left with everything I needed. Even though, I did have a tough time leaving the
place with out wanting other things as well. I am happy to know that I have a very strong restraint. Check it out, this week. Especially for all my backpacker friends on a budget.








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