New friendships

It has finally come that day that 20-year-old me would have never though would come … I am finally over the party scene. Since then I have been trying hard to adjust to this new life style of mine. Not only am I not going out til late hours of the morning dancing my butt away and spending all my extra cash;  I am no longer the single independent woman I used to be I am in a relationship with a great man.I don’t want to be the girlfriend that only rely’s on her man for company. Being in relationship is also new territory for me. I am trying to figure out my life, but not only for myself anymore.

So where can I look for new friends? Not at work because one, I am older than most of my coworkers and all they want to do is party. Two, I am living in this new country for more than a year now and all I meet are backpackers that stay for a few months and then disappear. Third, I am in my early 30’s and I am not married, have babies or a career. I am kinda of a traveler. Still trying to figure out my life.  I am just trying to find people with similar interest, with whom I can talk fashion, music, and travel with while having a cup of coffee or grabbing lunch.

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