Best meat pie in Hobart 

I have been enjoying my time in Hobart, Tasmania with my boyfriend and family. We surprised his mom last night by flying down to see them. This morning my boyfriend and I went out for a walk in the crisp cold morning air. I got so see a beautiful view of the city.

We then headed to Salamanca Market, which goes on every Saturday and on our way there my boyfriend pointed to a cafe. I actually could smell the delicious aroma of meats cooking from a block away, he then said, “this place has some of the best meat pies around.” So, we definitely had to stop in and have one.

We got the lamb pie, and by far it was one of the best meat pies I have ever had. The pasty was flaky and buttery, while the meat had so much flavor and was extremely juicy. We had it topped off with some tomato relish.

I would definitely stop by this place again. I can just remember how tantalizing the smell was.


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