On your way to LAX? You should stop and eat here.

Since I was a little girl, I always knew that going to LAX to drop off or pick up family members meant only one of two things. Either we were going to stop to eat Mexican food at Tito’s Tacos, or we were going to grab a hickory smoked burger at Apple Pan.

Now, I am 30 something and living in Melbourne, Australia. While, I am extremely excited to go home and visit with family and friends in LA, my mouth and belly can’t wait to taste both of these long-standing staples of So Cal.

Tito’s Tacos

This place has been a staple of Culver City since 1959, with the option of take away or eat in Mexican food. The menu is simple ranging from burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, crispy tacos, and let not forget that delicious salsa and chips.15235448_10154770758757888_2880711675548682734_o

My family has been going to Tito’s since the 70’s and the place hasn’t changed one bit since then. It even has the same mural on the wall, of people enjoying tacos. This is an exceptional story of a small family own business, that had a recipe for success. With many places giving into food trends and the area consistently changing, you know you can count on one thing, the consistent deliciousness of Tito’s Tacos.


When you get to Tito’s Tacos, you have to be prepared to stand in line, the venue has an outside and indoor ordering window, but both will be packed with Tito’s Tacos enthusiasts.  Up until a few years ago you could still see the owner Amador sitting at the cash register handling all the cash for the venue, but in recent visits we have noticed his absence. I am sure he is now enjoying his time away and has handed his resposibility to family members. The place is strategically off the 405 freeway and down the street from Sony Studios. Their crispy taco’s have made the list of best in LA for the past years. So there is no doubt that you have to make a quick stop here if your LAX bound.

Apple Pan

Picture taken from Google.com
Found in West LA  Apple Pan is a diner thats been around since 1947, and has been serving some of the best burgers and pies in Los Angeles.

The restaurant takes you back to counter style dining. My family only goes to eat their amazing hickorey smoked burgers, french fry’s and our favorite, banana cream pie. The place seats aprox 20 people and any night of the week except Mondays when they are closed, you will have to wait to get a seat.

My family and I enjoying Apple Pan
Apple Pan’s burgers have consistently made the list of best burgers in LA, no doubt that it has the perfect combination of sauce, crispy lettuce, juicy tomatoes, delicious tasting cheese and beef patty.

The menu again for this venue is simple and has not changed much throughout the years, but it is places like these that make simple food, with simple ingredient just stand out.

My Australian husband has told me, he loves our LAX tradidtion, and he looks forward to each trip we make back to LA, just so he can eat at these So Cal Staples. So, on your way to or from LAX , make sure to visit one or both of these places, your stomach will thank you.


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