Cherry picking in the Mornington Peninsula

The cherry season just started at Red Hill Cherry Farm. The farm is found in Mornington Peninsula, which is about an hour’s drive south of the city. We thought it would be the perfect idea to make a day trip down.

I love to see how quickly the topography of Melbourne surroundings change as you drive down, in a blink of an eye it goes from suburbia to farm lands to coastal waters. Just looking out the window of the car, you start seeing rows and rows of grape vines, rolling green hills with local livestock, old farm houses and local producers.

Red Hill Cherry Farm is found just off a single lane dirt road, and you see cars full of cherry picking enthusiast drive past as you get that off road experience. As we got out of the car the delicious smell of eucalyptus hits your senses. We paid $10 each and they handed us a bucket that can carry up to 5 kilos and you are told that each kilo of crimson gold will cost you $15 dollars.

Entrance to the Cherry Farm

We were told by employees that in order to get to the best ripened cherries we would have to use a ladder. All the ladders were being used by the short customers that were in abundance. I was lucky enough that I had my very tall husband with me, whom was able to pick all the dark juicy cherries, that just exploded in your mouth with delicious fresh sweetness.

Cherries picked straight off the tree

The sun kept on playing peek- a-boo behind a few dark clouds, there was also a cool breeze that kept flowing through the trees, making it tolerable to be out on a summer day picking cherries.

People cherry picking

We couldn’t help ourselves to a few free tastings as we picked our way through the farm. They did have a sign up saying you could, but to just not take advantage.

That’s me

At the counter we were greeted by a very lovely employee, who asked us “Did you guys have fun?” and in all seriousness we were able to reply with a, “Yes.” Our bag was weighed and we paid $25 for our cherry booty.

My hubby

The employee said, the farm has been around since 1969. She also mentioned that due to the high percentage of rain we got this year, it affected the start of the cherry season because bees pollinated later than normal this year. Even though, the farm was busy while we were there, she said that so far the season has been slow compared to the past. Therefore, the season will on go later into January, hopefully giving the farm ample time to get more business in.

Our score for the day 

It was a perfect little stay-cation. Just an hours drive down the Peninsula and you’re in a whole different world. I highly recommend doing this trip, especially during the summer when you can enjoy the beach and the gorgeous views. Get down to Mornington Peninsula and try your hand at cherry picking.







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