The Bulvgari Exhibit at the NGV

I actually made it to the “Italian Jewels: Bulgari Style exhibit before it left the NGV on January 26 2017, and it was one of the most exquisite displays I have ever encountered.

The first set of jewelry you feast your eyes on once belonged to the infamous Bulgari lover Elizabeth Taylor. She had such a wide collection of jewelry mostly gifts from her ex-husbands and twice married Richard Burton. It was a diamond and emerald pedant necklace that is so extraordinary that you have to second guess yourself that it is real, in the same display were matching ring and a hair comb.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 
For anyone who made it to the exhibit it sure was a treat. We saw some of the items that Hollywood starlets wore on the red carpet.IMG_9675

IMG_9672 (2)




It was a magical experience seeing this collection, in which you wished you could play dress up with the items and pretend to be a Queen for a day. Sadly, I am a mere commoner and we will only get to see them behind glass casings in a museum. A girl can dream, though!


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