Winter is coming to Melbourne and so are the Night Markets

The weather has officially shifted, the beaches are now empty and everyone is starting to find ways to stay warm. For most that means stayed indoors next to the heater with UGGs on and shutting the outside world out. But for the rest of us, there is always the Queen Victoria Night Markets, where there is live music, hot drinks, a variety of food vendors and shopping.

 The  season will start on June 7 on ever Wednesday night 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. If you visit the website it has a count down for opening day and even mentions of something new and exciting.

They have something for everyone and if you are worried about staying warm they have fire pits lining the outskirts. I was able to score this really cool silver ring from the Silver Addict stall, this woman makes some really cool stuff, and I highly recommend checking her out.
Blue Bonnet is one of Melbourne’s best barbecue restaurants and there were there when we went. We waited at least half an hour to get a taste and with a decent price of $15 a plate no wonder they had a long wait.IMG_1184


So, there is no excuse not to head down to the Queen Victoria Night Markets during winter.

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