The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It has been a very long time since I visited Universal Studios in Los Angeles. I am in all honesty a big fan of Harry Potter, so when it came down visiting the new mecca for Potter fans I had to make the pilgrimage.

Universal Studios has changed a lot since I was last there, no longer can one see the Conan the Barbarian show or have a picture taken with K.I.T. the car from the 90’s hit TV show Knight Rider. Instead you see recent rides such as, the Minions and Shrek. It wasn’t all that impressed with their rides at Universal, all were in 3-D with big screens and simulator rides. You won’t find anamatronics here or hair raising roller coasters on tracks.IMG_9513 (2)

Hogsmead Skyline

Every where you looked Potter fans were dressed up in Hogwarts school uniforms, some going a bit on the low key and with a lightning bolt on their foreheads. As soon as you walk through that arch way you are immediately taken into the wonderful world of Harry Potter.  I was in my happy place, I loved everything about it. They had all the stores and even the Three Brooms sticks as a mess hall. I highly suggest getting yourself a glass of butter beer, I got mine in a souvenir mug and it was exactly as I picture it would tastes, a bit like butter scotch and simply delicious.

IMG_9516 - Copy



IMG_9515 - Copy

There was only two rides and one takes you through the castle. The designers went all out with the details, from moving portraits in the hall ways to the fat lady that guards the Griffindor common room. At one point your in potions class, where a hologram of Hermoine, Ron and Harry talk to the guest. The ride was again in 3-D, was fun but went a bit fast. (Recently 3-D has been removed, due to customer complaining of motion sickness).

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I made sure to leave with a souvenir I got the most powerful wand in the world. They have an interactive version of wands and you can go around Hogsmead and make objects move and open doors.

The other area I really enjoyed was Springfield, where you step inside The Simpsons world. You can actually go into Moe’s Tavern shoot some pool have a Duff beer and enjoy some Krusty Burgers.

All in all I really did enjoy how much Universal has upped it’s game, with Harry Potter World and The Simpsons land, but it still lacks more rides and the early closing times don’t give you enough time to get around especially when it takes a good 15 minutes to get down to the lower level and each line even for food was over an hour long. I am not all that convinced that it’s the Entertainment Capital of the World, yet.

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