Spring 2017 Runway Looks

Alright folks, Ready to Wear Fashion is well under way around the world. Spring 2017 has already brought a lot of drama out side from the Runway. Gigi Hadid kick some creeps ass, for trying to grope her, and the latest beef between Vogue writers and bloggers, whom have been getting those freebies and front rows.

Ok, I am a blogger and I actually have a degree in Journalism and in Fashion Merchandising. I am not like some bloggers, but I believe to be pretty legit when it comes to me writing about fashion. So I don’t like it that people who I admire such as Vogue writers would talk bad about bloggers because I am one. 

I went to fashion school  in LA where watching award shows and writing an essay about them was actually worth points and you had to answer questions such as, what do you think would get mostly picked up for this season red carpet? and what will dribble down the pyramid? I had to study everything about construction of garments, to marketing and even accounting, by the way, which was not a fun class. By going through this hard work, I strongly feel it gives me the right and privilege to actually write a blog about fashion. I would like to get up to a well known fashion magazine such as, Vogue and Marie Claire, but for now I will keep on blogging. I will keep my respect for the writers, and for now can’t we all just get along?

I am already posting a few ofmy favourite   looks from this seasons shows, from Marc Jacobs to Oscar de la Renta. If I don’t see either of these dresses at some award show, I would be very much disappointed because they are gorgeous.

Here is a link to my favorite looks for this Spring 2017 Ready to Wear. I will be adding them to my Pinterest @tbucheli 

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