12 hour Layover in Fiji? Head to a Rejuvenation Center

Flying back to Melbourne after visiting my family in Los Angeles we had a 12-hour layover in Fiji. We did not want to stick around the airport that long so we decided to head to a Rejuvenation Center and Transit Lounge.

The Essence of Fiji is located within a 10 minute drive from the Nadi Airport. For a fee of $38 FJD they will provide you with transport to and from the airport, showers and towels, luggage storage, access to the movie room and a foot massage.

After a 13 hour flight we just wanted to go somewhere we could relax and unwind after being stuck in a plane. We were picked up by a friendly staff member and as soon as we arrived we were greeted with a big smile and Bula from the employees.

Photo taken from google.com

We had our luggage stored for us in a room, and we were told if we wanted the room with the bed it would be an extra cost. We only had a few Fijian dollars left and we wanted a massage, so we refrained from getting it. We were given towels and headed straight for the showers, once clean and feeling fresh we headed to the movie room. It had black bean bags and a large projector showing “The Fault in Our Stars”. They advertise a roof top area, but when we headed up it was closed and nothing was there.

Photo taken from google.com

They have a  cafe where we had lunch. The menu is very small, but a nice  light lunch of sandwiches and fresh fruit smoothies hit the spot. We then booked our massage and fell asleep in the lounge area because we were jet lagged. We were woken up and taken to get our massages, which were very nice and relaxing.

If was nice to get away from the airport and relax. We had the place to ourselves the whole day, but I didn’t like that every single thing was extra. I also think that the place doubles as a spa school because like I mentioned before we were the only ones there, but there were a lot of employees/students just standing around and chatting.

They have a lot to offer on the website, click here to check it out. So, if you have a few Fijian dollars left over, and you want to get out of the airport and get rejuvenated for your next flight, visit the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Center.

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