Strolling down Degraves Street in Melbourne CBD

If your visiting Melbourne one of the top things to do is take a walk down one of the many lane ways in the CBD. Right across Flinders Street Train Station, you can find Degraves Street. These small streets are packed with character and filled with many shops and cafes.


The lane ways are the best way to really under stand how Melbourne city works, so find a cafe where you can sit down people watch or meet up with friends.


I would highly suggest to grab a coffee while your down here, this place on the corner serves really nice coffee, but any of the cafes would do just the same. Melbourne is really known for serving the best coffee.


Graffiti art can also be found all around the city. As you pass any lane way make sure to take a quick peak because sometimes you can find really cool stuff.


While your down here I highly suggest visiting this baguette sandwich shop. It doesn’t look like much, but it has hands down some of the best baguettes I have had outside of Paris. They are reasonably priced and the French owner always greets you with a smile.

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